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Bakken Formation

What Is The Bakken Formation?

The Bakken Formation is a rock formation that was formed in the late Devonian period. It’s a prolific source for oil. Did you know that oil was first discovered here in 1951? Terra Directional Services LLC knows that the Bakken Formation is one of the most important sources of oil production for the many companies that we assist. 

The formation is named after Henry Bakken, who was a farmer in Tioga, North Dakota. He owned the land where the formation was initially discovered during drilling for oil. So it is appropriate that the land would be named after him!

How Terra Directional Services LLC Can Help!

Terra Directional Services LLC specializes in a range of services including horizontal drilling, directional well planning, measurement while drilling, and extended reach drilling. As a nationwide directional drilling company, Terra Directional Services LLC has the expertise companies know they can count on to complete multiple stages in the drilling process.

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