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Barnett Shale Play

Resource Extraction in the Barnett Shale

Located in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth basin of Texas, the Barnett Shale could quite possibly hold one of the largest producible reserves of all of the onshore natural gas fields in the United States. However, drilling in this area comes with many challenges. 

Terra Directional Services LLC understands that with great challenges come great rewards, so we are here to provide horizontal drilling services, directional well planning, and more to companies in the Barnett Shale.

Working Past the Challenges

The primary challenges we assist our clients with are the natural ones. The Barnett Shale is known as a “tight” reservoir. The shale in the area is virtually impermeable and very difficult to drill through. It is only through the use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal well drilling that extractors are able to access the rich resources in this region.

Our horizontal well drilling services, therefore, are the key to unlocking the potential of this region. By using natural and induced fractures to move the natural gas from the shale to the wellbore, horizontal drilling allows companies to tap resources that may have otherwise remained trapped underground.

Furthermore, through our directional well planning, we can also help companies respond to and overcome some human-caused challenges. For instance, our extended reach drilling can assist companies wishing to tap the resources below densely populated areas (such as the city of Fort Worth) without the large-scale disruption that would occur were vertical wells to be constructed in residents’ literal backyards.

If your company is beginning to or continuing to extract resources from the Barnett Shale, let Terra Directional Services LLC put our expertise to work for you. Call us today to start the process.

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