MWD Tools


We offer a full range of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) services to help with real time directional drilling data control and management.

We are one of the few directional drilling service providers to have our own full-service MWD shop, so we can quickly and effectively work on or load out a job rather than having to ship tools elsewhere to get fixed. 

Our MWD tools provide a way to track well surveys and review drilling progress. We also provide real time gamma readings throughout the drilling process.

Our preferred MWD tool uses Benchtree software along with a mud-pulse measurement-while-drilling system (MWD-LWD), which is designed for hole-making and operating control of directional, horizontal, and sidetracked wells. Our MWD is fully retrievable by wireline and allows for measurement of navigational and geophysical parameters during the drilling process. It also gives “statics” without drilling mud flow circulation and keeps records while tripping.


The MWD-LWD system consists of a down hole section (electronic device, non-magnetic drill collar, pulse generator) and surface equipment (manifold pressure sensor, receiving device, PC). The MWD-LWD system forms pressure pulses by means of a pulse generator, which is distributed by the fluid in the drilling tool and received by the manifold pressure sensor.

The signal accepted by the manifold pressure sensor enters the receiver where it is enhanced, filtrated and decoded. Then, the processed information is transmitted to the operator’s computer where it is stored in any format convenient for the customer. The MWD system software allows for information interchange and editing, binding of measurement data to depth and visualization of information on the monitor display in digital and graphic form.

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