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Woodford Shale Play

About Woodford Shale Play

Natural gas is found in shale formations all over Oklahoma, including Woodford. The Woodford shale play, found in southeast Oklahoma in the Arkoma Basin, contains around 4 cft of natural gas. The Woodford shale was first drilled more than a decade ago. Although shale production in Woodford peaked in 2011, operators in the area like Terra Directional Services LLC still provide the horizontal drilling within the shale.

Terra Directional Services LLC is the directional drilling company you can rely on to provide all the well planning and well drilling you need in the Woodford shale play. We focus on your goals to provide drilling services based on your schedule and budget. 

Horizontal Drilling & More in the Woodford Shale Play

You can trust that we have the tools and expertise to handle all of your horizontal drilling needs. To find out more about how we can serve you, please contact us today.
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